Elearning Translation

E-learning Localization Agency

There are many elements to what elearning translation and localization services can offer you and your business. To find the most established agencies on the market, search for ‘elearning agency UK’ and see how you can transform the user experience for your clients through well-translated, expertly localized multimedia content.

Specific UK eLearning Solutions

As we approach the post-pandemic period, elearning has a key role to play in terms of connecting businesses with their employees, especially those working remotely. Also, from a UK legal perspective, elearning can be a force for good in upholding and implementing the law, especially on matters of health and safety, with, for instance, cybersecurity and fire safety modules protecting employees in and out of the workplace.

eLearning Translation Providers

Making a choice between the many e-learning translation companies in the UK is not an easy one, but it is important. Look out for those agencies that adhere to elearning translation best practices, such as understanding the target audience, optimising the content, producing accurate copy, and deliver consistent, high-quality elearning materials across all media types.

Elearning Web Design Agency

The design of your elearning platform is an essential part of its potential future success, so make sure that the web design agency is on board with your vision for how the materials will shape up visually. You can discuss with the e-learning agency and decide on advanced you want your eLearning translations to be in terms of useability, as well as its look and feel.

Elearning Video Production Agency

Video production is often an underrated part of the elearning translation process, so partnering with an elearning translation service provider that understands the value of video content could give your website the edge. Translating elearning does not always have to be about text, with videos offering up new elearning translation solutions for your business going ahead into the future.

Elearning Software Government Agencies

Elearning language translation also plays a prominent role in the software of government administration, helping to broaden the accessibility of state services to citizens who don’t speak the first language of a country. Here, an elearning agency can provide assistance to governments and institutions on how to better cater for the needs of the wider population.

Elearning Social Media Agency

Social media is also subject to elearning translation, as elearning language translation can help to drive marketing campaigns across all the major networking platforms in multiple countries around the world. Targeting the learners that matter in their native language has the potential to attract many more clients to your business than there would otherwise be.

Elearning Development Agency

Some e-learning and translation companies offer a ground-up approach to elearning course translation, in that they start from the very beginning by putting the initial building blocks in place and developing the platform, before then adding in the elearning translations later on.

Elearning Digital Marketing Agency

For all your digital marketing needs, you can get in touch with either an elearning marketing agency or elearning SEO agency, who can use their expert industry knowledge to map out a path to success for your business, handling everything from social advertising to email marketing.


What is eLearning translation?

It is a process that involves the translation of elearning courses from its original language to a target language, to ensure that learners can understand the text in the language they speak.

What is eLearning localization?

When referring to elearning translation services and localization, we are talking about elearning translation and adaptation, so that online training content is adjusted to a specific culture and language.

What is an eLearning company?

An elearning agency or business is an online platform that educates individuals, typically through the provision of digital or online learning and training resources.

What companies use eLearning?

There are companies of all sizes and across different sectors that choose to employ elearning agencies to take care of all their online training needs – from eBooks to educational courses.

Is eLearning a profitable business?

Yes, eLearning can be a very profitable enterprise for businesses to explore, as demand is on the rise for online training, although it is a competitive marketplace at the moment. This is why it is best to search for the best elearning translation companies online.

What is the recommended method to avoid delays in eLearning translation?

As delays can naturally occur during a translation process, it is always good practice to be wary of any possible complications and to ensure that your files are in the best possible format and structure for ease of translation. This includes:

  • Creating your content with translation in mind (know your audience, make your visuals translation friendly, and prepare your translation guide).
  • Check your content to speed up the translation process (proofread and triple-check everything to ensure no delays due to a later correction).
  • Make sure it is of the highest quality (PDF scans, Word & Excel documents, and any other format the provider might request).
  • Discuss all relevant details before translation starts (budget, price, desired languages).
  • Listen to your translation service provider (this is their field of expertise, so be sure to use their knowledge and  trust their expertise).

Will I be able to translate my multimedia E-Learning components?

You will be able to have your multimedia components translated. However, there are some best practices you should keep in mind to ensure the process goes smoothly. These include:

  • Gathering all the files in one place facilitates a seamless translation and lowers the risk of delay due to missing media files.
  • It is best to export your course in XML format, as text elements can be extracted and reintegrated after they have been translated into the desired language with minimal effort.
  • Try to avoid animating text, as that could cause delays and increase the cost of the translation, as the individual animations need to be re-created separately for each target language.
  • Ensure you use SVGs, as that will allow you to scale down your content and make space for languages with longer text without sacrificing quality.

What are the benefits of translating your E-Learning courses?

Translating your E-Learning courses gives you a better opportunity to connect with audiences worldwide and boost your user experience and your company’s reputation as an educational provider. You will build lasting connections and enhance your reach to a broader market by ensuring you can communicate with your clients in their language.