iGaming Localization

Gambling Website Localization

To be considered as a truly global leader in the industry, gambling websites will be required to seek broader market appeal by targeting potential players across multiple countries spanning several continents.

This can be achieved through a two-step process, which first involves gambling translation, before requiring a much deeper dive into the content’s meaning, using tried and trusted gambling localization techniques.

Get the most out your company’s content and to explore the future growth opportunities a well-translated and localized website could offer you by reaching out to a gambling translation company.

Here, a team of expert writers will take a closer look at your website copy and plot a path to success, through a professional re-alignment of the text, making it both SEO optimised and region-friendly.

iGaming Translation Process

In the modern age, simply producing a cohesive piece of text suited for one region or audience is not enough. Your content needs to be accurate and free of any linguistic errors in whichever country you have chosen to promote or establish the brand. Such a rule must be applied across multiple languages and localities if you are serious about offering the best service to your clients.

This is where iGaming translation services come in, as they can provide expert assistance in transforming the reach of your company, while at the same time reshaping and improving the website content through specialised, tailored gambling website localization methods.

Gaming translation services will employ a stage-by-stage approach, ensuring that each and every gambling website translation clears strict quality control procedures before the content is signed off, finalised, and published live on the website.

Why should I localize my iGaming platform?

Localization is your entry ticket to another market, ensuring that your iGaming platform appeals to local users. Investing in iGaming localization will help you effectively achieve your short- and long-term goals, allowing you to create a meaningful experience for players overseas.

How big is the iGaming industry?

The iGaming market cap hit $61.5 billion in 2021 and is estimated to reach $114.4 billion by 2028, according to a research study by Zion Market Research.

iGaming is one of the most profitable verticals in the United States, with a whopping annual gross revenue of $3.71 billion, exceeding by far the sportsbooks revenues of $4.33 billion.

Which country is the best for online gambling?

These countries are particularly casino-friendly: Sweden, Gibraltar, Cyprus, Isle of Man, Curacao, Malta, Germany, Canada, the United Kingdom, Finland, the United States, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, France, Spain, and Italy.

Which are the most frequent localization languages in iGaming?

English (UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand), French (Europe, French Canadian), German, Swedish, , Japanese, Finnish ,Spanish, Italian, Russian, and Greek.

Which is the biggest gambling region right now?

Canada is one of the biggest online gambling regions, followed by the US, the UK, Macau, and Australia, generating millions of US Dollars in revenue each year.

What are the key factors to consider in online betting localization?

When localizing your online betting platform, you need to consider the following factors: written content, user experience, payment solutions, tailored marketing, languages and culture. Understanding the culture of your target audience will also help you understand their preferences and tailor your game offering accordingly. For instance, if you’re targeting Latin America, you might wish to add football betting to your menu, especially ‘La Liga’, the most popular sports league in the region.

What are the most frequent challenges found in localizing iGaming platforms?

Without a doubt, localization can be a daunting task when you have to keep in mind localizing all the different types of content, such as images, animations, and written content.

You should also ensure that your platform has tailored marketing, uses local vocabulary and terms, implements obscure languages, and incorporates local payment solutions and light versions of the website to ensure there is no issue with accessibility, regardless of circumstance.

How can I assure the quality of the iGaming translation process?

Ensuring you work with a service provider with a qualified support team that involves you throughout the translation process will be beneficial in snipping away any issues and complications before they arise.

Additionally, if you want to continue delivering on your promise of quality and integrity, it’s essential to follow and understand the regulations and markets of each region and to supply that information to your translation service provider. When coupled with their extensive knowledge in the industry, it should help improve the quality of the overall platform experience and consistently bring in new customers.