Video Game Translation

Video Game Translation Agency

Video game translation services normally intertwine with games localization services, due to the global nature and demand for regional versions of certain games – for instance an American first-person shooter game may also be popular in Asia. As such, you will need to both translate and localize accordingly.

You will want to choose carefully, so as to avoid bad video game translations from disreputable companies. The last thing you want when launching a game to the world or to a region is for the player to experience a host of funny video game translations, when the gameplay is supposed to have a serious narrative.

Therefore, it is important to go with a video game language translator who has a good grasp of the game language they are translating, including the specific tone and meaning behind the text on screen. Nailing video game translation first is vital, as it sets things up nicely for when it comes to dealing with what comes later on.

Game Localization Service

The best game localization services are ones that deliver not just a like-for-like translation, but instead go beyond this process and provide a well-functioning, intuitive, and enjoyable end product – that meets the brief and suits the intended target audience.

Opting for high quality game localization services will pay off in the long run. While the top-rated companies may charge a higher rate compared to others, there really is no substitute for a well-translated and expertly localized game text.


Is there a translator for games?

Yes, the translation of video games is a thriving industry in its own right, with a good selection of video game translation services out there for clients to sign up to. In most cases, this work is carried out by freelance translators, who understand the idiosyncrasies of gaming.

How do I translate a game while playing?

It largely depends on the type of game you are playing, as some open world games can be extremely long with varying amounts of dialogue, while others may be shorter but have extensive gameplay scripts to translate.

How do people translate video games?

On the question of how to translate video games, the key is to take it one step at a time, and translate the text in the order that it appears. This is important because it ensures that the general flow of the game makes sense, in terms of the gameplay and storyline.

How can I translate a game into English?

You could attempt to translate the game yourself, but this could take up a lot of your time. The better option is to employ the services of a professional video game translation company, whose experts can take care of all your translation and localization needs, promptly and efficiently.

How do you localize a video game?

To ensure your game hits the mark overseas, you need to set in motion a whole process involving market research, storyboard translation and localization, and strategising.

  • Research the market you’re planning to enter. Focus on gamers’ preference, behaviour, customs, cultural stereotypes and the like.
  • Create a localization kit including as much information as possible to give translators enough context to re-create your storyboard in the target language.
  • Extract the content strings and input them into the translation system.
  • Ensure that your imagery and colours meet the cultural expectations of your audience.
  • Translate your script.
  • Test your localization and fix any bugs and in-context mistranslations.
  • Launch

How can you make it easier to localize your game?

To simplify the game localization process, you should first create a plan: decide on the languages you want your game to be translated into, set milestones, and budget every step before you begin.

Additionally, employing native speakers in each locale, you’re planning to reach can help you effectively capture your message’s nuance and complexity. 

Should I localize my game?

Game localization comes with a multitude of benefits. First, a growing number of players will download and play your game, boosting your game rankings. Overall, this leads to a jump in sales and revenues and boosts your credibility within the gaming community worldwide.

How much does game translation cost?

Game translation generally hovers around £0.075 – £0.12 per word. However, it may depend on the game genre and storyboard. Each translator or video game translation agency charges differently, so please do your own research to budget localization accurately.