French Translation

Certified French Translation Services

As one of the most influential languages in the diplomatic world, there is a great demand for good quality French-English translation both from within the law profession and from individuals personally seeking a certified translation service. Need an important legal or official document translated quickly and correctly? Certified translators work tirelessly as part of a team of professionals to deliver French translations that meet the standards of official authorities on either side of the Channel.  

French Translation Services in London

At first glance, when you get an accurate French translator to convert French to English, it can seem that the two languages are very similar. While it’s true that there’s a smoother linguistic jump from English to French – with the two languages sharing historic cultural and language ties than from English to Arabic – that doesn’t mean that a professional English translator isn’t required or necessary. To discover the top-rated French to English translation services in London, search for ‘French translation services UK’ online and compare and contrast the best-ranked results. 

Canadian French Translation Services

Prior to agreeing to a translation project with a French language translation services, you need to be aware of an alternative version of the language, known as French Canadian. There are dedicated English to French Canadian translation services that focus specifically on targeting French speakers living in the North American nation. It is important that you properly understand the differences between the French spoken in Canada and in France, and if you wish to target the former audience, then look for the best French Canadian translation services online. 


What is the best French translation site?

When it comes to searching online for the best English to French translation services, it is recommended that you head over to several different comparison sites, to help you decide on the most relevant option for you. There are a number of free and paid options on the market. 

How much does French translation cost?

It is useful to have a budget in mind when looking around for English to French document translation services, as some official French translation services and French legal translation services command higher fees for their basic packages than others, so it really does depend on the company used. There are many affordable French to English translation services out there. 

How long does it take to translate 2000 words?

If you are looking to convert French to English then knowing how long French translators typically take to complete the job is useful to know. While there is no set time frame for an English to French translation of 2000 words, this length of text should take no longer than 1-2 days of work. 

How much does it cost to translate a book from French to English?

The exact price quoted for a professional to conduct a full English to French translation of a book will depends on the word count and book length. While one French translation company might charge $0.10 per word, others may invoice for much more, so do your research before committing to any contract.  

What is the process of translating into French?

Translating into French is the same as translating into any language, and a general step-by-step process is followed to ensure accuracy and stylistic consistency.

  • Assessing the project to ensure the right translator is assigned with qualified expertise in the subject matter.
  • Reading through a glossary/style guide/reference material if one is supplied to ensure translation consistency.
  • Using a computer-aided translation (CAT) tool to streamline the translation process.
  • Manual editing of the text by a human translator to ensure the work’s quality.
  • Proofreading and Quality Assurance, as one final step before delivering the material to the client.

What are the locations you can reach when translating into French?

There are approximately 300 million French speakers across the globe (97 million native speakers), and just like English, there are many variations in the French language spoken in the Middle East, Belgium, the US, Canada, and over 26 African countries.

Where can I translate documents from French to English?

As French is one of the most frequently encountered languages in translation pairs, it is regularly offered at most translation service providers. By searching online, you can find a vast array of companies that can best accommodate your specific needs in translating from French to English.

Does French take up the same amount of space as English?

Translating from English to French involves roughly a 15% to 30% increase in the text space, and depending on your type of project, you may want to know if your translated text will involve a significant text expansion/contraction beforehand, which is particularly important when implementing the text in graphic design and web development projects, so make sure you have enough space to accommodate everything.