Spanish Translation

Certified Spanish Translation Services

Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the world, spanning several continents and multiple countries. It’s an everyday form of communication for many millions around the globe, including native Spanish speakers in the UK. That’s why certified English to Spanish translation services or certified Spanish to English translation services are essential to those wishing to make sense of important legal and official documents, or for Spanish businesses seeking to authorise payments or register their tax returns in the UK.

Professional Spanish Translation Services

There are many high-quality, premium English to Spanish translation services at your disposal, each offering a five-star Spanish translation service to clients. Professional English to Spanish translation services rates may be higher than other, cheaper agencies, but for businesses it’s worth paying the extra fees to guarantee a reliable, accurate, and prompt service, when it comes to Spanish translations.

European Spanish vs. Latin American Spanish

Spanish is the official language in 20 sovereign states and one dependent territory, meaning it is spoken every day by more than 450 million native speakers worldwide. Historical events brought the mainland Spanish language (known as Castellano) over to Latin America (Español). Inevitably, as the language developed on the continent, differences began to emerge, particularly in terms of vocabulary and pronunciation. It is important to understand that these variations of Spanish exist – e.g. a Mexican Spanish speaker is different to one from Madrid.

Customer Service Translated to Spanish

By adopting a customer service Spanish translation, you will give your customers the ability to interact with advisors and support agents in their own language. A qualified English and Spanish translator will provide you will a top-down translation of your entire customer service offering – from frequently asked questions through to the contact forms and website links.

Affordable Spanish Translation Services

Spanish to English translations – and vice versa – don’t have to destroy your budget. There are numerous affordable solutions, including a host of cost-effective certified Spanish to English translation services in the UK for you to choose from. Approach it will a target price range in mind, know your absolute limit, and enter into discussions with the Spanish translator services that matches both your company’s needs and completion timeframe.


How do I translate a Spanish document to English?

In order to translate a document from Spanish to English, you need to find a suitable Spanish translator who can handle your request with professionalism, accuracy, and speed. Search online and compare Spanish translation options, so you end up with the very best Spanish to English translator available.

How much does a Spanish translator charge?

Spanish to English translations vary in terms of cost to the client. On the internet you will find many different Spanish translation services, and some of course will be cheap, while other premium options will cost you much more.

How much does it cost to translate a document from Spanish to English?

As mentioned previously, Spanish translator services do not have a defined price range, and can be accessed by any person, regardless of their available budget. There really is an English to Spanish translation service for everybody, stretching from free automated platforms right up to expert professional Spanish translation agents with years of experience in the field.

Where can I translate documents from Spanish to English?

You can find the Spanish translation service you need by conducting a simple online search, where you will be presented with a selection of the best and most popular UK to Spanish translation agencies currently in operation. Spanish translations to English are relatively common, so you shouldn’t find it too difficult to find Spanish language translation services.

What to keep in mind when translating English into Spanish?

There are a few things that you should bear in mind when translating English into Spanish:

  • Spanish translations expand an English source texts length by about 25%
  • Nouns in Spanish are gendered, which can be a tricky concept for native English speakers, as English is a genderless language.
  • Punctuation in Spanish happens at the beginning and the end of the sentence, for example, using the inverted question marks and exclamation points at the start and the regular ones at the end.
  • Spanish and English share the same Latin alphabet. However, the Spanish alphabet has additional accents: á, é, í, ó, ú, ñ, ü.
  • It is crucial to bear in mind the specific dialect of Spanish that you are translating into, as European Spanish and Latin-American Spanish are distinctly different.

What countries would a Spanish translation prove beneficial to?

There are approximately 559 million Spanish speakers across the globe (460 million native speakers), and just like English, it is a global language. Although most speakers live in the Americas and Europe, smaller territories worldwide speak the language, including the Philippines, Equatorial Guinea, Morocco, Angola and South Sudan.

How long does it take to translate into Spanish?

Like any other translation, it highly depends on the translator’s source language, skill, competency and the translation service provider’s experience in the industry. As a professional translator can translate 1,500 – 2,000 words daily, plus a few days for review and delivery depending on your project’s word count, you can determine a rough timeline.

What is US Spanish?

As the United States increases its Spanish Speaking population (second only to Mexico), it has naturally begun to develop its unique dialect (separate from the major European Spanish and Latin American Spanish), which is more of an amalgamation of other geographically closer Spanish dialects (such as Cuban, Puerto Rican and Mexican), with anglicisms thrown in. The differences are slight, but they impact the translation process when localising for the US Spanish market.