How Copywriting Services Can Help You

Why Choose a Copywriting Agency?

Selecting the best copywriting service to handle the task of translating and localizing your content can seem like a difficult decision, as there are so many options available to you on the open market. Because of this, you could be inclined to feel that it is better to simply do the job yourself, using free automated translation software. However, by doing so, you would miss out on all the benefits that professional copywriting services offer you – from publishing top notch, localized, and targeted content through to generating proven results in terms of sales and leads

Website Copywriting Services

Specialist web experts from a content writing agency will provide a toolkit to help to supercharge your website and create an added sparkle to landing pages to blog posts, and everything in between.

SEO Copywriting Services

An SEO copywriting agency will be the destination of choice for optimising content. To see the range of options available to you, search ‘SEO copywriting agency UK’ online and compare and contrast the pros and cons of the top-rated copywriting agencies.

Web Copywriting Services

For web copywriting services it is best to get in touch with a digital copywriting agency, who will be able to handle all the finer points needed to meet your web-related content needs, such as making sure it is properly optimised for maximum results.

Using a Financial Services Copywriter

A financial services copywriting agency is your point of contact if you are looking for copywriting for financial services, as they can match you with the most qualified copywriter with a good knowledge of trading, finance, and the economic sector.

Professional Copywriting Services

Professional copywriting services will take a multifaceted content marketing approach, with a focus on generating proven results for your business, be it from an SEO perspective, or in terms of brand awareness and driving up sales.


What are copywriting services?

The primary mission of a copywriting services agency is content creation – i.e. to write and publish clear and concise copy for business marketing purposes. It typically includes any type of creative writing, with the main aim of raising brand awareness and to call users to action.

What are SEO copywriting services?

An SEO copywriting agency is responsible for generating content that is acceptable with regards to search engine optimisation, meaning that it successfully meets the required keyword criteria, and in turn, ranks highly on the most popular search engines.

What services can a copywriter provide?

There are many services that a copywriter at a content writing agency has on offer, including the creation of advertising content, landing pages, social media posts, slogans, taglines, and much more. For an exhaustive list of solutions, including copywriting services prices, it is advisable to contact the agency directly.

Who needs a copywriter?

Any business owner that is looking to take their company’s content to the next level. Copywriting agencies are on hand to step in and provide the very best in accurate SEO content, delivered promptly and at a fair and reasonable price. Exact rates can differ across the UK, so expect a copywriting agency in London to charge more than one in Cardiff, for example.

What is the difference between copywriting and content writing?

Often used interchangeably, copywriting and content writing are different services, requiring different skill sets. Of the two, copywriting is more focused on creating emotion, making an impact and driving sales. Conversely, content writing aims to educate the audience and cleverly direct their decision-making by providing valuable information about a particular product or service.

For example, slogans, taglines, social media posts and ads are good examples of copywriting, whereas blog articles, press releases, white papers are all pieces of content created to primarily inform and educate.

How much do copywriting services cost?

The average cost for website copywriting, for example, may vary per industry, topic, and content length. Typically, in the UK, the cost of a website page varies between £400 and £600 per day. However, each copywriter or copywriting agency charges differently depending on the factors mentioned above.

How much does a 500-word article cost in the UK?

Depending on the domain and expertise of the copywriter, the cost for a 500-word article may vary between £56 and £123. These rates are only provided as guidance, we advise you to do your own research to get a better idea and plan your budget accordingly.

How many words can a copywriter write per day?

A copywriter can produce 2000-2500 words per day, on average. However, speed is dependent on the subject-matter and the copywriter’s familiarity with it.

What are the top qualities of a good copywriter?

A copywriter’s mission is to inspire and excite. Therefore, the main qualities a copywriter should possess are:

  • Brevity – the art of communicating as much as possible in just a few words
  • Clarity – avoid unnecessary sophistication
  • Uniqueness – an innate ability to find a spark of originality where others can’t

Why should businesses outsource their copywriting projects?

No one knows your brand better than you. However, outsourcing your copywriting projects to an agency comes with a set of greater benefits in the long run than hiring an in-house copy or content writer.

  1. 1. Cutting costs with staff
  2. 2. Ensuring brand consistency across the different types of content: website, blog, social media, native advertising, PR
  3. 3. Freeing up time for sales
  4. 4. Getting a better user perspective on the benefits of your product or service. After all, copywriters are themselves users of different products or services, including yours.