An Expert Guide to Translation Services

Professional Translation Services That Hit The Spot

Website translation services are the way to go if a website is to be successful. Find out how to get ahead of the rest by making use of the best professional translation service options at your disposal via the dedicated sections on our site. Time to explore the possibilities of what high-quality language services can do for you!

Certified Translation Services

This is a translating service that requires authorisation by a certified translator, in the form of a signed statement or certificate of authenticity. It typically involves formal, classified, or legal documents.

Document Translation Services

There are various global translation services that deal with document translation, which is a significant task as it tends to feature the translating of a number of important contracts, records, or files.

Legal Translation Services

When it comes to legal translation, entering a contract with translation services is crucial as it is a sector that requires professional intervention, to ensure that the language contained within birth, marriage, divorce, and death certificates, and other such documents is correctly dealt with.

Language Translation Service

Businesses are faced with several options when it comes to searching for translation services London and online translation services UK, that’s why cross-checking the features each company offers is a useful way of filtering out the best available choices.

Official Translation Services

Numerous global translation services offer good quality solutions to businesses of all kinds – from iGaming translation services to app translation services, but the key is to find trusted providers with positive overall reviews.


What are translation services in the health and social care sector?

There are a number of options available to those institutions and actors within the pharmaceutical industry, in terms of medical translation services, which can help provide patients and service users with a better, more improved experience.

Which companies need translation services?

It is important to not only search for ‘translation service London’ when looking for the best solution, as there are many great translation service options in hubs around the British Isles, such as in Edinburgh, Cardiff, and Belfast. The regional benefits should not be overlooked.

What are interpreting and translation services?

The main difference between translation as a service and interpretation is that the former consists of languages converted into another, while the latter is where the translation process is much quicker, usually through relaying information verbally.

Are there language translation services in the UK?

In terms of translation services UK and translation services London, there are a wide range of British-based professional translation and localization solutions on offer. Choosing the right service to meet the specific needs of your company is the most important step, as it can affect the quality of the results.

What foreign languages are in high demand in the UK?

Translation will likely remain a highly sought-after profession in the UK in the coming years, as languages like German, French, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish continue to gain traction among British companies looking to expand in those markets. Therefore, website translation services will continue to top the list of requirements for business owners, alongside certified document and legal translation services.

How much does the UK spend on translation services?

Recent research by the National Association of Women’s Clubs (NAWC) shows that the UK spends approx. £140 million per annum on translation services. Of this amount, £20 million represents the Local authorities’ spend on translation. The Metropolitan Police spends around £7 million and the NHS £33 million (up by 41% over the past 4 years), the study indicates.

Are translators in demand in the UK?

Yes. With over 300 languages spoken in London alone, apart from English, the UK is gradually becoming a multicultural country. Broad diversity will therefore amplify the demand for translation services country-wide, with employment in the translation field set to rise by 24% by 2030.

Which language is highly paid in the UK?

German tops the list of the highest-paid translation languages in the UK. According to a blitz survey of recruitment sites conducted by digital learning platform Edvoy, German-speaking employees earn £35,000 on average per annum, which is considerably higher compared to non-German speakers.

Next in the line of highly paid business languages are Arabic, French, Dutch, Spanish, Russian, and Mandarin Chinese.

How much does it cost to translate 1000 words?

Translation cost varies greatly by language and domain. However, translation rates for a 100-word legal document could reach £82 – £411, depending on the degree of complexity, considering that the cost per word ranges between £0.082 and £0.41.

What is the difference between interpreter and translator?

Both interpreters and translators are highly skilled linguists, yet there is a stark difference between the techniques they use and delivery. While interpreters convey the message depicted in the source language verbally, the translator works with written material, engaging a different skill set (e.g., reading comprehension, adaptation, formatting, and more).

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